Archetypal Media is an omnichannel media production company providing everything from a-la-carte auxiliary services to commissioned projects and joint ventures.
Here are some of the things we can do for you:

Media Production 

  • Short-form documentary, interview, & animated videos
  • Podcast production management, post-production editing, distribution
  • UI/UX design and audits

Research & Strategy

  • Market research (surveys, interviews)
  • Archetypal brand mapping of existing messaging, opposition/competition, and overlap opportunities
  • Content marketing strategy, implementation, and monitoring

Auxiliary Media Production 

  • Traditional Transcribing Services – Based on audio or visual files
  • Media Management  (including backing up media, transcoding/ importing, prep for editors)
  • Assistant Editing –  AVID Media Composer
  • Footage & Photo Fetching – in tri-state area or beyond, capturing needed generic shots on demand